A comprehensive two-day workshop conducted as needed for up to 15 nonprofit founders and long-time Executive Directors who are planning to retire or leave their position in the next one to five years.

The workshop is confidential to protect the identity of those who are not yet ready to announce their plans and to provide a secure opportunity to ask difficult questions.

ESC facilitators take participants through the essential personal and professional planning necessary for the best possible transition for themselves and their organization. 

The workshop includes:

  1. Discussion of the succession and transition planning processes and the key elements of highly effective transitions
  2. How to balance complex organizational, professional and personal issues
  3. Review of key issues/challenges that the organization is facing
  4. Strategies for enhancing organizational capacity and sustainability prior to anticipated departure
  5. Personalized succession plan to ensure personal well-being along with organizational progress
  6. Strategies for ensuring that the organization is prepared for the transition to new leadership
  7. A confidential place to share with other leaders planning their next steps

To express your interest and learn about the next available workshop schedule, contact ESC.

A good opportunity for self-reflection, interaction with other Executive Directors in my same position and well-researched transition exploration activities with materials for takeaway. My options are much clearer now and I am more confident about formulating choices.  

I appreciated the opportunity for small group discussions with the different workshop trainers, facilitators and participants. The comfort and safety of the group was an asset.   

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