The identification and selection of an Executive Director for your nonprofit is one of the most critical responsibilities of a nonprofit Board of Directors and one of the most essential ingredients in the organization’s management strength and capacity for service and success. ESC helps nonprofit Boards in every step of the process:

  1. Preparation – planning and preparation that supports the search committee
  2. Executive Search – facilitation of Executive Director candidate analysis and selection
  3. Onboarding – transition orientation and coaching support for the Board and Executive Director as they begin working together toward shared goals


What are your organization’s goals for the next few years? What kind of leadership is needed to succeed? ESC works with the Board to analyze organizational strengths and weaknesses to identify qualities, skills and expertise necessary in a new executive leader and develop the position notice.

Executive Search

How do you rank resumes, arrange and conduct interviews, check references and negotiate terms? ESC keeps the process organized and moving forward with guidance for each step by providing resources, examples, templates and advice. ESC helps you to conduct a smooth and professional search.


Now that you have selected a new Executive Director, how do you maintain momentum and start tackling your organizational goals and priorities? ESC supports and moderates discussion between the Board and the new Executive Director as they establish mutual expectations and/or working relationships. These may include onboarding strategies, executive coaching, team coaching and mentoring. ESC remains in contact with the Board and the Executive Director to provide advice and rapid response to any problems in the first 12 months.

Request a no-obligation proposal from ESC. Judge for yourself how ESC can support and enrich your nonprofit’s search for qualified leadership at a nonprofit rate that fits your budget requirements.

ESC consultants were excellent and helped us enormously in our search for a new executive director. They kept us on track, challenged our thinking and were tireless in their support. They exceeded our expectations throughout the project.
–Barbara Shomaker, Board member and head of the search committee, Sit Stay Read!

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