Everyone needs a backup plan. 

ESC’s Emergency Leadership Planning Service creates a comprehensive organizational plan for ensuring continuity and operational sustainability in the event of an immediate, unplanned absence of a nonprofit leader. 

Whether the gap is short or long, this Risk Management resource secures the essential elements of maintaining the organization’s operation.  

Emergency planning includes:

  1. Documentation of the organization’s unique, customized contingency plans and other resources for managing leadership transition, including inventories, database and vital financial, legal, facilities and human resources documents for centralized safeguarding
  2. Flash drive with an electronic copy of your plan’s documents for convenient maintenance and distribution
  3. Duplicate print copies of your plan to be distributed to your executive committee
  4. An Emergency Leadership Kit that houses all plan elements listed above

Emergency planning may also include:

  1. Staff development needs
  2. Potential succession candidates
  3. Plans for communicating with both internal and external stakeholders 

Request a no-obligation proposal from ESC. Judge for yourself how ESC can ensure your nonprofit’s health through unexpected leadership gaps at a nonprofit rate that fits your budget requirements

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