Good governance relies upon focused, informed Strategic Planning. It is the first and most critical tool for keeping your organization on task and on track toward your mission while adapting to changing circumstances, environments and opportunities – generally completed every three years in today’s economic and political climate.

ESC specializes in strategic planning with a customized approach to meet your specific needs. ESC consulting teams assist the client in data-gathering and analysis, identification and prioritization of tasks, establishing agreed action steps targeted to desired, achievable, measurable outcomes.

Is it time to update your strategic plan or to create your first plan?
Request a no-obligation proposal from ESC. Judge for yourself how ESC can help your organization with its strategic planning at a nonprofit rate that fits your budget requirements.

The succession plan and strategic plan led by ESC will strengthen staff, board and define clear organizational goals and objectives. The expertise and focus we received from each ESC consultant was impressive, a value of $100,000 anywhere else. ESC was so affordable, we could not have done it otherwise.
–Dary Mein, Executive Director, Cambodian Association of Illinois
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