Board Development

A high-performance board works in partnership with staff leadership to effectively and productively promote, support and advance their nonprofit. ESC consulting teams assist the client in building focused board and staff teams that work well together to establish and execute strategy and achieve marketing and fundraising objectives.

ESC consultants are highly trained and prepared to help board and staff address critical issues and implement results:

  1. What are the real responsibilities of the board? What could members be doing to advance the organization?
  2. How do we transition from a hands-on board to one that embraces its governance role?
  3. What strengths and abilities do we need on the board?
  4. What is the board’s role in fundraising?
  5. How can we engage the board more effectively in strategic priorities?

Are you thinking about board development options for your board? Need to create an effective Executive Director/Board relationship? Looking for strategies that build board effectiveness?
Request a no-obligation proposal from ESC. Judge for yourself how ESC can help your organization with board development actions steps at a nonprofit rate that fits your budget requirements.


Resources in Board Development:

In the September/October 2012 edition of Illinois Parks & Recreation, ESC Engagement Manager RJ Young provides an outline for effective Park District Board Development in the article Diagnostic Tools for Highly Effective Boards

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