Consultant / Executive in Residence

The Executive Service Corps’ Executive in Residence program provides highly-successful retired and semi-retired executives to organizations and institutions for ongoing, part-time support. Executives provide their expertise, leadership, coaching, strategic abilities, and professional network to help organizations achieve their mission. Many Executives in Residence are placed in academic institutions, such as universities, and provide valuable guidance to students and graduate students. The experience and industry background of the Executive in Residence is matched closely with the organization or institution to ensure placement is successful for both the Executive and the program he or she is supporting. Executive in Residence is a great solution for universities and organizations looking for comprehensive services where a long-term relationship benefits the institution's success. Let the Executive Service Corps’ Executives in Residence help you achieve your mission. 

Immediate Assistance

Does your nonprofit need immediate assistance? Our talented senior executives are continuously educated on the highest standards of nonprofit best practices. A wide range of services, experience, and support are here to assist you! If you have a problem, we have a solution. We achieve our mission to make nonprofits successful when you achieve yours!

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