The individuals and families of the ESC Legacy Corps recognized below are safeguards of metropolitan Chicago nonprofits and the multitude of services they provide to those in need. By contributing to the Endowment Fund they ensure ongoing ESC services to meet critical and emerging needs of the nonprofit sector for generations into the future.

Each individual lifetime gift of $10,000 or planned/estate gift of $25,000 or more demonstrates a passion for charitable giving to a diversity of nonprofits and the vital services to support them. We invite your interest and questions about how to join them, contact Rachelle Jervis, President and CEO at


Making a Difference Now and Into the Future

Because I know it's a good investment in ESC's long term viability, I am a proud member of the ESC Legacy Corps, which makes ESC strong and able to serve the nonprofits of metropolitan Chicago now and into the future. Since joining ESC's consultant corps in 2001, I have served in innovative programs to address unique and timely issues in the nonprofit sector and know first-hand the unmatched resource of affordable expertise and experience ESC provides.

Together the individual and family members of the Legacy Corps have invested funds amounting to over $2,000,000 as the core of our current Endowment Fund. This contribution provides financial stability, ensuring ESC's longevity as a consulting resource dedicated to nonprofits and the communities they serve. I encourage you to join the Legacy Corps as a timeless investment in these vital services.  –Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr., ESC Life Director & Chair of Endowment Fund Trustees


Legacy Corps Members:

Winston C. Black, Jr.
Joseph L. Block
Mrs. Joseph L. Block
James A. Brandt 
Robert E. Brooker
Jean M. Broom
Andreason L. Brown
Edward A. Bruzewicz
Nelson L. (Lin) Carter
Robert and Patricia Chamberlain
Richard G. Clemens
Bill Cosper
Mark Crane
Surma A. David
Bill Drewry
E. Stanley and Calista Enlund
George and Helen Fanning
Charlotte E. Fiechter
R. Neal Fulk
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew A. Gelbin
Jacqueline and Howard Gilbert
Jerome S. Gore
Lawrence W. Gougler
Robert Greenebaum, Sr. 
William P. Hall
Lester Hammar
Susan and Bob Houston
Bill Ingram
Lucile Ish
John C. Jadel
John C. and Louise S. Jadel
Morris A. Kaplan
Philip and Ethel Klutznick
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. LaFreniere
Charles W. Lake, Jr.
Richard Loewenthal
William L. and Helen K. Loving
Frederick A. Luecker
Robert P. Mayo
Geoffrey McClelland

William W.N. McLeod
Howard C. Morgan
Jessalyn M. Nicklas
Robert and Evelyn Nottelmann
Dorethea J. Osbay
Claude and Annette Peck
Louis J. Pedicini
Bill Peters
Alice S. Pfaelzer
Ellard Pfaelzer, Jr. 
Joann S. Rasmussen
Betty C. Reneker
John H. Rosenheim
Joseph M. Ross
Norman Ross
Ralph W. Rydholm
Sam H. Saran
Mrs. Arthur Sawers
Mary and Peter Sawers
Frank Schnierow
Donald G. and Phyllis H. Schroeter
Patricia L. Sharpe
Karen A. Sims
Linus O. Smith
Carl and Barbara Stanley
Jules N. Stiffel
Alan Stone
A. Dean Swift
Mrs. Mary Lou Swift
The Swift Family
Phyllis Tabachnick
Richard L. Thomas
Kristina Van Liew
Robert E. Vanden Bosch
Dey W. Watts
Barbara and Bert Weller
Bill and Nancy Whitney
Robert H. Wilson
Arnold Wolff
Dennis A. Zavac and C. Elizabeth Howland
Frank R. and Faye M. Zimmerman

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