Funding Partners

2013 Funding Partners

$50,000 or more
The Chicago Community Trust
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation

$20,000 – 49,999
Crown Family Philanthropies
Northern Trust
Polk Bros. Foundation

$10,000 – 19,999
Helen Brach Foundation
D & R Fund
The Davee Foundation
Mayer & Morris Kaplan Family Foundation
Bowman C. Lingle Trust
Elizabeth Morse Charitable Trust
Edmond and Alice Opler Foundation

$5,000 – 9,999
The Barbara Beré Foundation
Daniel F. and Ada L. Rice Foundation
Siragusa Foundation
Stuart Family Foundation
W.P. & H.B. White Foundation

$2,500 – 4,999
Malott Family Foundation
Mesirow Financial
William Blair & Company

$1,000 – 2,499
AMSTED Industries
Blum-Kovler Foundation
Ceres Foundation
Chicago Office Technology Group
DLA Piper
Geraldi Norton Foundation
Kraft Food Foundation
J.P. Morgon Chase Foundation

$500 – 999
Akzo Nobel
CB Richard Ellis Foundation 
Jocarno Fund
Lake Chapin Shores
Lucille and Joseph Block Foundation
Mueller & Company

$100 – 499
The Building Doctor
Illinois Tool Works
MB Real Estate
North Star Benefits
Northern Illinois University Foundation
Project Leadership Associates
West Monroe Partners

2013 ESC Volunteer and Individual Donors

$10,000 or more
Jacqueline and Howard Gilbert
Robert adn Amy Greenebaum 
Dolores Kohl Kaplan
R. James and Judy Young

$5,000 – 9,999
Jerald and Ellen Esrick
James and Kimberly Norman
Joseph Ross
Toni Smith
Louise and Dean Trafelet

$2,500 – 4,999
Mary Jo Bollero and David Crumbaugh
James and Nancy Brandt
William and Margaret Crane
Wendy Kritt
R. Ernest Mahaffey and Sheila Penrose Mahaffey
Geoffrey and Molly McClelland
Virginia Moffat and Sally Weiner
Ellard and Lorna Pfaelzer
Carolyn Rusnak
Michael and Donna Thompson
Jack and Niki Tovin
Daniel and Liz Weil
Jill Wine-Banks and Michael Banks

$1,000 – 2,499
Jean Broom
Mike Christ
Mark and Connie Crane
Ronald and Dolores Daly
Larry and Ann Feltes
William Hall
Robert and Linda Levin
John and Martha Mabie
William W.N. McLeod
Jacqueline B. Melissas
Joan Parrott-Sheffer
John and Audrey Rosenheim
Ralph and Jo Rydholm
Jules Stiffel
Monroe and Loretta Walton
Constance Watson
Berthold L. and Barbara Weller
William and Nancy Whitney
Pamela and Robert Wilcox
Stephen R. and Susan Wilson
Elizabeth Young
Eric Young

$500 – 999
Steven Abbey and Pam Brick
John and Dianne Anderson
Joseph and Dianne Anderson
Joseph and Mary Anne Cappo
Richard and Judith Clemens
Ann Drake
Wendy DuBoe
Geraldine and John Fiedler
Nancy H. and Stephen G. Fuhrman
Matthew Gelbin and Pat Newman
Linda Hamilton
David and Dorothy Hawley
Walter Kerr
George Krafcisin and Beverly Snell
Burt and Caryl Lasko
Pamela and Ralph Pound
Barbara G. Rizzo
Lucino adn Maria Sotelo
Kristina Van Liew and John Boytim
Robert and Nan Vandenbosch
James and Kathleen Zils
James J. O'Connor
Susan Schaffrath and James Lindholm

$250 – 499
G. Marshall Abbey
Richard Basofin
Alvin and Roula Borenstine
Frank and Kathy Burns
Robert Chamberlain
Richard F. Corrado
Robert Delaney
John and Leigh Donaker
Robert Dwyer and Meg Amato
John and Jeanne Farr
Ermit Finch and Jonni Miklos
Evan and Nan Freund
Jackie Gnepp and Joshua Klayman
Ronald Gurewitz
Richard J. and Joyce Heneberry
Diane Herr and Bill Hall
Estelle Holzer and Jack Shore
Richard and Judith Homer
Brian Horwood and Mary Beth Berkoff
Jill and Joel Hurwitz
Marshall and Beverly Jacobson
William and Sheila Kesler
Edward Klinger
Eve and Sidney Kripke
Marcia Lazar and Alan O. Amos
Marjorie Lundy and Jamie Godshalk
Barbara Manny
David Marienthal
John and Shirley Mayer
Paola Meinzer
Irving and Baila Miller
Douglas Nohe

Jack and Judi Schindler
Donnell and Jeanne Schwartz
Sandra Seim
Robert Shakno
John Simonds
Paula Sneed
Alan and Joanie Stone
Christine Sullivan
Virgil Tolbert
Joan Walsh and Gerard Purcell
Edward and Dia Weil
Steve Wine
Dennis Zavac and Betty Howland

$100 – 249
Leslie Agnello-Dean
Greg and Dawn Barnum
Carole Bellows
Harold and Sharon Bergen
Gloria Block
H. Constance Bonbrest
Mary Brockmiller
Barbara Burrell
Carolyn B. and Curtis I. Carlson, Jr.
Nelson L. and Patricia Carter
Brian and Dan Su Chen
Marge Collens
Roxanne Decyk
Jessica T. Feldman
Jan and Bill Flapan
Martha Frish Okabe
Jerry Fuller
Michael and Gay Gorman
Howard Graening
Jay Gratz
Steven and Kathleen Groot
William and Kathleen Gruner
John and Mary Anne Hackett
Lawrence and Susanna Hedblom
Christie Hefner
Margaret Herman
Douglas R. Hoffman
Ronald and Cynthia Holmberg
Robert and Susan Houston
Sandra Johnson
Craig and Diane Kaiser
Stephen Keen
Joyce J. and John A. Kelly
Catherine Knotts
Char Kreuz
John and Mary Kroening
Thomas Lamb
Muriel Lederer
John and PHoebe Lenhard
Todd and Jo Lief
Marilyn Lissner
Theodore Lobman and Catherine Hanson
Pamela Loewenstein
Stephen Mack
Jeanne and Timothy Mayes
Erin McInerney
Lynda and Bill McKay
John McKinnon
Teresa A. McMenamy
Patsy Mellott
J. Clifford Moos
Janis Morris
Jack M. Neems
James Ness
Martha Frish Okabe and Robert Okabe
Nancy Pacher
Hadley Pihl
Michael Post
Semra Prescott
Louis Raffel
James and Heldegund Ratcliffe
Thomas and Joan Read
H. Zane and Barbara Robbins
Jackie and David Rosenheim
Marvin Rudman
Roberta Schaffner
Nancy Schifo
Frank B. Schnierow
Charles Schwartz
Jo Ann Seagren
Kate Sheehy
Howard and Lynda Silverman
Dennis and Jill Skidmore
Frank Smith
Pamela and Charles Smith
Michael and Doris Snipes
Martin and Rosalie Snitzer
Joan Steel
John Straub
Phyllis Tabachnick and Robert Friedman
Joseph Taylor
Jay Terry
Almarie Wagner
Frank Waldeck
James and Davida Weiss
Sandra Wilcoxon
John Wineman
William A. and Mary Witkewicz
Sharon J. and Lee Woodry
Antoinette Wright
Ken and Izumi Yoshitani

























































2013 In-Kind Donors

Alvin Borenstine
Brown Sugar Bakery
Daniel E. Weil
Debra Jackson
DLA Piper
The Eli's Cheesecake Company
Geoff McClelland
Hensley Company
James Brandt
Julius Meinl Café - Southport


Koval Distillery
Lake Chapin Shores
Mary Jo Bollero
Northern Trust
Old Town School of Music
R. James Young
Revolution Brewery
Tiffany & Co.
Toni Smith
Whitney Napoleon


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