Executive Service Corps professional development

Our Mission is to Make Nonprofits Successful

Building Leadership, Strategy and Solutions

Who We Are

Executive Service Corps of Chicago (ESC) is a consulting resource for nonprofits and public agencies, allowing them to step back from their challenges to find new options, adapt and advance in a competitive and changing environment. ESC is also a conduit for the natural connection between corporate social responsibility (CSR) commitment and community impact.

Since 1978, ESC has been working with approximately 150 nonprofits each year – to help them find and implement sustainable solutions for on-going challenges. Almost 200 ESC consulting experts, accomplished business leaders and professionals trained specifically to work with nonprofit organizations, volunteer their energy and expertise to give back in a meaningful way to the community they care about.

In 2012, ESC extended its outreach to companies and their corporate executives who serve on nonprofit boards with the ESC Corporate Citizenship Connection. This unique service is helping companies add dimension to their corporate professional development programs and extend corporate leadership in the community.

In 2014, ESC established a recognition program for companies that care - the Corporate Citizenship Award, presented each year as part of the ESC Celebration of Service event.

Why We’re Different

ESC was founded by 19 of Chicago’s most eminent corporate leaders from companies like RR Donnelley and Inland Steel, who recognized the vast positive impact they could have on community needs by working together with nonprofit leaders. Since its founding, ESC has become a nationally recognized resource and the region’s largest nonprofit provider of capacity-building assistance for nonprofits and public agencies.

Why it Matters

ESC has served more than 4,500 client organizations. ESC consultants have worked with clients ranging from small health clinics and neighborhood-development organizations to whole community networks and systems as complex as the Chicago Public Schools. ESC consultants play a vital role in building a healthier nonprofit sector and enhancing the quality of life, health and opportunities for millions of local residents and their communities.