About ESC

Executive Service Corps (ESC) of Chicago

Bringing the Best to the Business of Doing Good

Executive Service Corps professional development

Who we are

ESC is a nonprofit that serves as a consulting partner and ongoing resource for other Chicago-area nonprofits and public agencies.  Our work together allows them to step back from their challenges to find new options, adapt and advance in a competitive and changing environment.

ESC is distinguished by its unique network of 300 trained consultants that offer skills earned in lifelong corporate and professional management careers.  These individuals are passionate about sharing their knowledge and joined ESC to give back to their community in a meaningful way.

What we do

We assist our clients in solving their organizational problems and partner with them as they implement the steps toward those solutions.  ESC cares about the nonprofit clients we serve.  We care about the causes they support.  We care about the people they help.  People make the difference.

Rather than relying on textbook recommendations, our consultants offer pragmatic solutions to business problems because they have had direct experience in working through those and similar problems during their own business careers.

How we do it

ESC’s consulting experts participate in an ongoing schedule of training that allows each volunteer the satisfaction of professional development and personal contribution while ensuring best practices in our organization's approach to consulting for optimum results.

With the exception of coaching/mentoring, every engagement with a nonprofit client is performed by a team that is carefully matched to the nonprofit’s needs and market sector.  Each team is led by a seasoned ESC engagement manager.

ESC's Mission Statement

ESC's experienced and trained volunteer consultants strengthen nonprofit organizations across the greater Chicago area by bringing them leadership, management and governance skills that are critical to the growth and sustainability of the nonprofit sector. 

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