Nonprofit Leadership, Management and Governance Skills

The ESC 2015 Celebration of Service luncheon on Tuesday, April 21 at The Standard Club in Chicago will feature keynote speaker Scott Turow, renowned author of ten best-selling works of fiction and two non-fiction books.

The 2014 ESC Annual Appeal is reaching its end.  As the year comes to an end, we are still working hard to raise $95,000 by December 20.

This year represents the third and final year of ESC's three-year strategic plan -- a year where ESC researched, developed, piloted and began sharing the best of what works in today's challenging environment. During the last Professional Development Meeting for all ESC members on December 5, we took a few moments for a brief look at the most "observable differences" from 2012-2014, highlighting important adjustments and improvements from the beginning of our journey forward that position us well for 2015-2017.